Systems for Care

Throughout our daily experiences at work and at home, we engage in systems of interaction. The most influential are not always the most helpful nor the most supportive. When we take on the role as a leader in a system, one of the most important skills is to learn how to analyse systems to make sure they are robust, useful, adaptive and caring. This combination creates a successful system that leads communities to grow and develop. A Systems of Care Analysis draws on a range of great programs and philosophical perspectives to find out how your community is functioning and where your community needs to grow or heal.

A Systems of Care Analysis includes a combination of tools such as the three featured below:

  • Lines of Communication
  • Stories We Share
  • Centring Care

This is only some of the tools that could be used in supporting your community development.

Tailored for you

There is never the same process or practice for every community. To develop a program, please reach out to us through the CONTACT FORM

Lines of Communication
Lines of Communication

The way that our communities communicate can help us identify individual identity, group structure and preferenced communications that dictate these lines.
By specialising the process of gathering the identities, structures, communications and modes, we can provide you with a clear map of where your community is flowing or stuck.

Stories We Share
Stories We Share

Stories within a community will often highlight some powerful learning about the strengths and weaknesses of a community.
We can tailor a story capture method for your particular community’s context. Once we have your story map, situating your library of stories onto your community structure, we can provide you with an analysis for working with or to adapt stories.

Centring Care
Centring Care

Nourishing care in your community is the cornerstone of a robust and adaptive community. By analysing the meaning of “Care” in your organisation we are starting the first steps in finding the Centre of Care.
Learning from the people in your community we can provide you with an analysis of the levels of safety, connection and courage.