Web session – Triggers

We all know that at times we are triggered by our children. Sometimes we know why and at other times, it can be a bit of a mystery. This three-part sequence is an investigation in a group setting, into the triggers that emerge when you are working with your children. 

Session 1 – What are my triggers? – using a variety of narrative and somatic techniques, we will explore identifying the triggers you experience when working with children. Our own history forms patterns of reaction to various stimuli. Through this session, we will pull out some reactions to scenarios to explore the body and mind responses that emerge. There will be some follow-up journaling for Session 2.

Session 2 – Where do these stories come from? – exploring the nature of your own childhood pattern to these triggers through some supported frameworks. Using the journaling that you have collected between sessions, we will share together some of the ways that patterns that we can easily identify, emerge.

Session 3 – How do I work with these patterns? – develop some ongoing strategies to rest in your awareness, acknowledge, and move beyond your patterns of educating in a reactive state. Once we have awareness of some triggers and how they are present in our interactions with our students or children, we can start to make some plans. In this final session, we will develop strategies and goals on shifting or integrating triggers to ease the tension we have found ourselves within.

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