Behaviour as a Developmental Process

Managing a child’s behaviour is one of the trickiest challenges for parents and educators. The Awakened Educator can develop a range of supportive and consistent strategies to nurture the child and grow their own development.

These process is unpacked over three sessions:

Session 1 – How does development impact on behaviour – the unfolding self. We will explore the features of development that impact upon behaviour. This includes an understanding of space and time as well as social awareness and self-awareness. As a two hour introductory session, you will have some pre-reading to do so that we can cover all the content succinctly.

Session 2 – What history and connection do we have to behaviours in our children, exploring our own patterns as we nurture our spirit. It can be deeply challenging as a parent or teacher, to explore the edges of our own patterns of behaviour. In this session we will look at the way projection can appear when working with children and how to notice these parts of ourself. By learning about our patterns we can become more careful about our choices in response to challenges with our children as well as providing more successful modelling.

Session 3 – Establishing strategies and reflective awareness. As the final session in this series we will look at some core practices that connect the child’s needs and patterns with our own and explore how to stay aware and differentiated when dilemmas erupt.

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