ADHD – Supporting Connection

ADHD is one of the big challenges in both classrooms and households. A strong body of research now supports addressing ADHD as an executive function disorder that can be supported by building strategies to manage the different way the ADHD brain processes. Exploring these new perspectives as part of a holistic approach that balances the role of medication, chemistry and cognitive strategies, this series will give you new insights and ways to connect.

As someone who has ADHD and has both parented and taught students with ADHD I am a passionate advocate.

This is a four-part series that will explore ADHD and how it emerges for the individual child as well as the classroom or family in which they are learning.

Session 1

This introductory session outlines the Awakened ADHD Program and how it works on connecting you with your child. We will be gathering your experiences and hopes for this program.

Session 2

The second session will provide the fundamentals of the neurodiversity that flags an individual as learning with attention and processing issues. Some identification and noticing strategies will be explored for us to experiment with between sessions.

Session 3

How do our ADHD children’s needs sit within the Acknowledgement Principles and where can we work on ourselves to better support them? Together we will investigate our own patterns and preferences and how they support or hinder our connection with the neuro diverse children we are teaching.

Session 4

Drawing together our learning we will hone our reciprocal Acknowledgement toolkit for us to go forward with a grounded sense of self-growth that will support our neurodiverse students.