Awakening Education

What is Awakened Education?

We are facing a challenging time as educators, whether a parent or a teacher. The world is no longer containable in a single curriculum, the school does not provide for all of your child’s learning and the classroom is filled with richly diverse and powerful young minds who are not comfortable with compliance.

Awakened Education is designed to give you support in learning how to navigate this challenging new territory and feel confident in your choices interacting with the children and learners in your life.


Please explore the process of awakening through the resources available on this site or book in for a webinar, coaching or mentoring. Take your time to settle into the journey that is Awakened Education.

Overview of the process

Find out more about what this process means and how you can explore some of these concepts yourself to improve your own parenting or teaching. The children we have in our lives today are understanding the world in a way that we have never before seen.


A series of online sessions are designed to give you a range of perspectives from which to understand your child and yourself as we head into this challenging time. Designed as a 3-week course however you can just take a single session if you think it is what you need.

Personalised sessions

Sometimes we need some extra support from someone who understands.



Teachers are faced with endless confusing dilemmas in our work with children. Find out why they occur and what to do.



All parents, whether we start off confident or terrified, face endless moments of confusion as our kids mature. How can you cope better?

The developmental differences between children and the adults who teach and care for them are the source of some of the greatest challenges for parents and teachers – but they also form a massive impetus for mutual growth.
– Jen Haynes

Jen Haynes

For two decades I’ve been practising and researching how to integrally engage the whole child from multiple perspectives. What I’ve discovered is that to do this, we need to engage our whole selves as parents and teachers.

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